Desìo | Alcamo Bianco


Delicate and elegant, represents a classic Sicilian wine in the variegated Sicilian viticulture setting. A wine that reminds already from its  colours, the fragrance and the Mediterranean aromas.To the palate it seduces with its excellent drinkability pleasantly fresh and light.In the cellar the grapes are macerated when cold with flower must at the temperature of 8°C. After the soft-pressing, begins the decantation and mellowing process at a controlled temperature. A great full meal wine which combines with all fish dishes like dried cod, boiled shrimps, swordfish and oven-baked squids.

Production area

Western Sicily

Wine type

Alcamo Bianco D.O.P.


Straw-yellow with light green reflections


Rich in Mediterranean fragrances


Fresh and velvety

  • 80% Catarratto
    20% Inzolia
  • 12,5% vol.
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